MILabs has been acquired by:
Rigaku Corporation, Ltd.

MILabs was founded in 2006 as a molecular imaging spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. Today, the company is one of the global leaders in molecular imaging with the development of high-performance preclinical micro-PET, micro-SPECT, micro-CT, and Optical Tomography systems as well as human high-resolution SPECT. These imaging systems have received many international awards from the physics and molecular imaging community. Currently, MILabs’ imaging devices support the research of hundreds of satisfied users worldwide at universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Latest technologies for arguably the best ever achieved in vivo imaging performance.

MILabs achieved its first commercial success with the U-SPECT and U-SPECT/CT systems, which today deliver sub-quarter-mm resolution in-vivo images of radiolabeled tracers. There has been a continuum of new developments that further improved the performance and functionality of these small animal imaging systems. In 2013, MILabs introduced VECTor, an extremely user-friendly, fully integrated multimodal SPECT, PET and CT imaging technology that provides simultaneously sub-mm resolution PET and SPECT acquisition. In addition, a clinical SPECT scanner (G-SPECT) with unmatched performance is currently being developed, for which MILabs received the 2015 Innovation of the Year Award from the World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS).

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